One Twelfth

TRIGGER WARNING: Detailed mention of mental health; including suicide and self harm. Please avoid reading if you're easily triggered or uncomfortable. For the past few weeks, the mere thought of April being Autism Awareness Month has put me on edge, left me feeling dragged down with, not only the reminder of my journey to diagnosis… Continue reading One Twelfth

My Bucket List

The title of this post is painfully self-explanatory, so without further ado, here is my bucket list.   Gain control over my mental illnesses. To fully recover, I feel, is impossible. I don't say that to purposely try and sound morbid, I say it to sound realistic, to be realistic. Living with Mental Health has been all I've… Continue reading My Bucket List

Two Years Clean

Before you begin to read, please note that the following post will contain open discussion of mental illness and self-harm. If you are easily triggered or uncomfortable reading, please leave now. Thank you. Nobody hurts themselves for attention. Self harm doesn't equal "attention seeking". If you think otherwise, I can't imagine that you've experienced mental… Continue reading Two Years Clean

Panic Attack Prevention

Panic attacks are something I've dealt with for as long as I can remember. I'd been experiencing them before I'd had any knowledge of what they are. Back in 2015, before my mental illnesses had become as deteriorating as they are today, I was well enough to physically attend college. It was at this time… Continue reading Panic Attack Prevention

Depression: My Experience

I'd like to stress that the following post will contain in-depth discussion of mental illnesses, self-harm, and suicide. If you're uncomfortable, or easily triggered, please leave now. Thank you. Being an August-born baby, subsequently younger than my peers at school, when late August of my thirteenth year approached, I was more than ready to grow… Continue reading Depression: My Experience

Blogging (For The Billionth Time)

I've got to admit here and now that, when I thought about 2018, I certainly didn't envision myself beginning a new blog. I thought my blogging days were over. Years have seen various blogs created, only to be deleted after a matter of months. To say that I'm motivated to blog again could just about… Continue reading Blogging (For The Billionth Time)